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Chef Dan Bocik offers cooking classes selected Wednesdays of each month, traditionally around the start of the month. They start at 6:30pm and last from two to three hours, depending on the menu.

Chef Bocik takes a passionate yet casual approach to teaching selected menu items to classes from two to sixteen people or ten to twenty-four people. Each cooking class features an appetizer, a pasta, an entree, and a dessert from the a tavola menu. Guests are welcome to enjoy a glass of wine and participate in preparation as much or as little as they prefer. At the end of each class, the class sits down at the table to dine on their creations together.

A fun and relaxed atmosphere makes the a tavola cooking classes a great way to learn to make restaurant quality items simply and easily at home. Many guests find the evening so enjoyable they return to learn different menu items each month.

The price is $65 per person, exclusive of alcohol, tax and gratuity.

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Class Schedule 2019 ...and Beyond

September 11th
October 9th
November 20th

December 11th

January 8th


Cooking Class
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